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Family History

Lineage Tree *
Origin and Early Ancestors

John Lynch & wife Hannah *
Thomas Bales & Hannah Lynch *
--Children of Thomas & Hannah Bales - list *
Abraham Travis & Elizabeth Campbell *
--Children of Abraham & Elizabeth Travis - list *
James Bales & Lydia Travis *
-- Children of James & Lydia Bales - list *
Pansy Marie (Bales) Reiber *
----Donald Reiber
----Clarence Reiber
----James Reiber
----Richard Reiber
----Mary (Reiber) Beck
----Wanda (Reiber) Meek
----Thomas Reiber
Lydia (Bales) Deibert
----Donna (Deibert) Crawley
----DuAnne (Deibert) Logan/Ditzenberger
Roy Bales *
----Patricia (Bales) Negrini
Ray D. Bales Sr. *
----Dorothy “Dottie” (Bales) Capan/Sawyer
----Ray D. Bales Jr.
----Robert “Gary” Bales
----James “Jeff” Bales Sr.
----Charlotte “Debbie” (Bales) Duff/Wyle
----Margaret “Betsy” (Bales) Griffin/Hela
John “Merle” Bales *
----Milan Bales
----John “Ricky” Bales
----Donna (Bales) Best/Covert
----Dianna (Bales) Fennick/Price/McCandless
James “Jimmy” Bales Jr.
----Terrie Bales
James & Clarence Bales *

* = Denotes biography or main text has been posted.