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LaPatka Family Home & Farm in Chewton

John LoPatka and Mary (Brinczkova) LoPatka, whose first child was born in Pittsburgh in May 1901, moved up to Chewton by the end of that same year. Maryís half-brother Mike Burik lived near the ballfield in Chewton and convinced John to move there. John and Mary took up residence in a house on Plum Street, just off the ballfield and behind were Kubinskiís general store was located. Whether they moved right into this house or resided elsewhere at first is not known. I do believe they bought this house though. Sometime during the timeframe 1913-1917 John moved the whole family by train to Cleveland, but they were back in Chewton about three months later. In June 1917, John and Mary purchased a 16-acre farm on the northern outskirts of Chewton (on Tony Dytko Road) from Philip and Elizabeth McConnell. I believe they paid $1,200 for the entire property and it remained in the family until it was sold in December 1994.

The former LaPatka home at #169 Plum Way off of Reserve Square in Chewton. They lived here from approximately 1901-1917. Its been significantly altered since then. It had sold for $82K back in 2005, but was up for sale again in Dec 2006. (Dec 2006)

A front view of the former LaPatka home on Plum Way in Chewton. Records reveal this house was built in 1900. It seems likely that John LaPatka had this home built. (Dec 2006)

The front yard of the LaPatka property on the outskirts of Chewton. The winding road (Tony Dytko Rd) leading up to Oswald St and/or Chewton- West Pittsburg Rd is clearly visible. Kay Migut and daughter Shirley.

The side of the LaPatka home with the shed/out building - where Uncle Mike LaPatka lived in from about 1945-1954 - visible on hill in background. Kay Migut with niece Carol Jean DeMarc.

Front porch of LaPatka home. You can see mother Mary LaPatka sitting on the bench smiling. Irene DeMarc with daughter Carol Jean.

Side yard of LaPatka home. Several barns and Tony Dytko Rd, a public right of way which runs through the property and up the mountain to the left of the photo, are visible in background. George DeMarc, Andy LaPatka, and father John LaPatka.

The side yard showing the side of the LaPatka home. The back door is partially visible in the upper right. Various LaPatka girls enjoying some watermelon.

This photo shows an addition to the house containing the kichen. The back door and hatchway doors leading to a cellar (on bottom right) as visible. Irene DeMarc.

Side yard of LaPatka home looking south towards cow pasture area of property. The family had many summer picnics at this spot. In the distance is a house along Oswald St, which leads back into the village of Chewton.