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In September 2007, my good friend John Rokos got married (to his lovely wife Kim) and I was proud to serve as the best man. Prior to the wedding it came to light that years ago John had a childhood teddy bear that he could not sleep without. He apparently slept with this bear (Actually, as my neice Elissa points out... Henry is a puppy dog) every night. Well, of course we had to have his parents search their attic for the little guy. Sure enough he was located and awoken from his long slumber. During my best man speech I announced we had a special guest on hand. I pulled Henry out and tada.... he was an instant celebrity! I kept Henry after the wedding (with all intentions of returning him one day - I swear!) and have been hauling him around for photo ops from time to time. Henry has done a bit of traveling and even made it to distant Hawaii before John did. Henry loves to point that out! A few folks say, "You're an oddball and crazy for doing this," but you would be surprised to learn that the majority of people say... well......"You're an oddball and crazy for doing this." Anyway, here are some of those photos for all to enjoy......

Slideshow #1

Slideshow #2

Slideshow #3

Henry & Baby Rokos