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368 Martin Street, Bolling AFB

In June 1982 we left Guam and flew back to Pittsburgh, PA. We stayed in the New Castle area for a while until we moved down to Bolling AFB in southwest Washington D.C. in August. We lived on Bolling but my father worked at NIPPSA in the federal center in nearby Suitland, MD. I remember the first day on Bolling as we sat in our car in the parking lot of the old commissary. We were waiting for our house to be ready and it took a few hours. Very boring. Our old house at 368 Martin Street was part of a brick rowhouse unit and was not attractive at all. We resided there from 1982 until after my father retired in June 1986. During that time me and my sister Carol graduated from high school in 1985 and I started college that same fall. The housing area we lived in was slowly abandoned and boarded up beginning in the about 2004. The houses on Martin Street were demolished in August 2009. See the page for Martin Street & Area '09 for pictures of the demolition..

The sign at the intersection of Vandenburg & Martin.

A picture of our housing block on Martin Street in November 2007. It's been boarded up with the front sheds and a/c units removed. We lived at 368 - which was the third unit (open porch) from the right. The first large tree was in our tiny front yard.

Livin large! We slept on the floor for about a week awaiting the arrival of our household goods from Guam. That's my dad and I think my mom is curled up in the corner - her feet are visible.

My dad and mom on our front porch. My dad loved his camo jacket even back then.

My friend Terence Jones in front our house. He lived in a housing unit behind him - probably the in the house just above the back of the green station wagon..

My friend Terence again in front of our house. You can see my dad's red station wagon with attached cargo carrier (very sexy!) and into our court. Hanging in the tree you can a bird house. We always feed the birds and squirrels!

Alison, my dog Daisy, and Ali's friends. A great photo taken in front of our house.

Daisy reaching for a tennis ball. A limited view of our backward and the housing unit behind us. Before we had this fence (and occasionally even after) Daisy would sneak away and go swimming down at the Marina by the Slip Inn. The wily bonnie dog loved the water!