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Martin Street & Area, Bolling AFB - Aug 2009

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The view standing at the intersection of Chappie James Blvd & Angell Street. The chapel sits off photo to the left. Our former home at 368 Martin Street is right where the yellow backhoe sits.

A closeup from the same spot. My former bedroom window is upstairs to the right of the backhoe's arm - and above the storage shed.

If you attempt to turn off Angell Street onto Vandenburg Street this is what greets you. "Danger - Construction Zone - Keep Out."

368 Martin Street is situated at the other end of this housing unit. But not for long!

A wide angle view of the enlisted housing units along Vandenburg Street. The first court - formerly in foreground - has already been demolished and cleared away for the most part.

Standing on either Arnold Ave or McGuire Ave (behind me is the Slip Inn and Marina) and looking back at the soon-to-be-demolished housing units in the area near Martin Street.

The rubble pile that was once housing units in the court at the end of Clagett Street.

The view standing near the base chapel and looking back towards the Potomac River. The housing units here are long gone as well. Off in the distance is Reagan National Airport.