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During our four years on Guam I taught my younger sister Alison a few things, including how to ride a bike and how to dive into a pool. The first photo is an actual shot of her riding her red bike (minus the training wheels) for the VERY first time. It was taken on the side of our house at 42 Banyan Circle in the South Finegayen Housing Area c1981. She must have been about age five. You can barely make it out but her face is about the same color as the bike. I was running beside her holding the seat and when I let go she started screaming her lungs out! The other photos were taken in June 1982 when we were staying at the Guam Horizon Hotel and preparing to leave the island. I had just taught her to dive for the first time. It appears at this point she is still belly flopping quite a bit, but she seems to be having a great time anyway. This hotel sucked (not on the beach) but we had alot of fun in this pool. We used to take a lawn chair, prop the back top on the pool's edge with the chair mostly in the water, carefully sit on them, and then shake them loose and slowly sink to the bottom. Oh, yeah, and make sure the hotel staff were not around. Ah, the memories...