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42 Banyan Circle, South Finegayan Housing Area

On July 20, 1978, he went to see our new home in the off-base South Finegayan (South Fin) Housing Area near Naval Communications Station (NCS) Guam. The large housing area was divided into about five or six sections known as Betel Palms, Banyan Circle, Poinciana, Golden Showers, and at least one more I can’t remember. Our house was located at 42 Banyan Circle, a nice end unit with a large yard. Our yard had a large tree, where some friends and I later built a large tree house, and lots of palm and banana trees. The house was “furnished” with some bamboo furniture while we awaited our household goods shipment, which came in an express shipment followed later by the bulk of our possessions. The townhouse-style house was a sturdy, typhoon-proof structure where we would live for the next four years. The house had four bedrooms and under the stairs was a large closet /storage area that was to be used as storm shelter during a typhoon. The photos below show our home and the surrounding area.

Our first day at our new home at 42 Banyan Circle. That's me in the red shirt with my dad holding Ali and Carol on the right. Thursday, July 20, 1978.

Same view of house. The balcony of Ali's room is visible on second floor.

Ali on her spring-loaded hobby horse on the front porch. You can see through the living/dining room area and out into the back yard. These glass doors would be covered with thick wooden storm shutters when typhoons approached.

Me and my sister Carol on the side of the house. The window of my bedroom is barely visible on top right of photo. My friends and I built several tree forts in this large tree and often hung out there. The Payne family later lived in the house behind us with the red bbq grill (#60).

My mom in front of our house. The house number (#41) of our neighbors is visible as well as the storm shutters on their porch.

Ali learning to ride her bike in our yard. You can see into our court that included houses #27 to #42. The end house in the distance, with the station wagon out front, was where my friend Duke Rogers lived at #33 Banyan Circle.

Ali, my dog Daisy, and possibly Troy Francisco on the side on our house. You can see into the court across the street - the end unit on top right is #58 Banyan Circle. Also visible is one of the silver mailboxes that each court had. People would post notices on these for various services, lost dogs, etc...

Ali in our front yard area. Behind the palm tree and near the man walking is #43 Banyan Circle.

Me and Carol standing in our front/side yard at 42 Banyan in Jun 1979.

Me and Carol standing next to the tree in our side yard in Jun 1979. I spent a lot of time up in the tree. A girl fell and hurt herself one day (impaled her thigh with a sharp branch) and PWC came and tore our tree fort down. A sad day indeed!

The Banyan Circle court c1973 containing houses #101 to #114. These old cars are parked in the carport for #101. These carports, supported by a single pillar, were storm proof and shared with your neighbor. My friends Chris McManus (#121) and Joe Tedesco (#124) lived in the adjoining court just off photo to the left.

My best guess is this is the back of #88 Banyan Circle, in the court on the hill containing units #75 to #88. The second floor balcony is clearly visible. At other locations we would often climb into the lower middle area between these houses (where the a/c units are visible) and then hoist ourselves up onto the flat rooftops.