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Navy Relief Society Boxing Smokers 1981-82

During our time on Guam my parents got heavily involved in setting up fundraiser events for the Navy Relief Society. My dad organized and ran a series of boxing events ("smokers") among the military members from the island. The three-round bouts included a few local boxers but mainly service members from NAVCAMS, Anderson AFB, Camp Covington, and the Naval Base. One event featured a Thai boxing bout and another had kids from the local Guam boxing club.

I would pass out flyers my dad made at all the mailboxes in the South Finegayan housing area. The events were usally held at the outdoor movie theater on NAVCAMS, although I remember one event at Club Macambo (?) beside the Navy Exchange. Everyone knew my dad ran the events and I was a big deal among my friends. I could let people in for free if I wanted. Talk about power! I still have the trophies and awards my parents were presented and will post photos soon.


Boxers in action. You can see the large movie screen in background.

Another action shot.

A boxer gets some pre-fight instruction.

Hey buster, watch that low blow!

Smile for the camera.

My sister Alison (with my mom) often served as the ring girl.

Alison trying to eat the sign. What the hell!

Alison in action signaling the start of round one.

Both of my parents received a nice award for their work with the Navy Relief Society.

My dad receives his award.

Ah, thanks folks!

The outdoor movie theater on NAVCAMS where most of the boxing smokers were held.

The outdoor theater is long gone as it was demolished in the 1990's.