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Our Schools and Class Photos

When we were lived on Guam my sisters and I attended local schools, as DOD Education Activity (DoDEA) schools were not established on the island until a few years after we departed. I attended Fingayan Elementary School for grade 6 and then Dededo Junior High for grades 7-9. Dededo Junior High, established in 1966, was renamed Vicente S.A. Benavente Middle School in February 1999. The schools were way behind the American education system and were quite a tough place to spend your day. By way of explaining that here is an excerpt I found on a DOD website:

“The DoD schools on Guam are well regarded. But military families familiar with the island warn that the public schools should be avoided: They say teachers lack resources, vandalism is common and bullying is an accepted childhood behavior - often not discouraged or disciplined. Home schooling is a popular option, and support groups meet regularly.”

This is the former Dededo Junior High School, renamed as Vincente S. A. Benevente Middle School in 1999. The school's teams are still nicknamed as the Roadrunners. I attended junior high here for grades 7-9.

A photo of John F. Kennedy High School, formerly known as Tumon High School, which opened in Tamuning back in 1959. I did not attend this school but many of the older kids I knew did. This school was closed for almost two years in 2008-2010 as the aging structure underwent extensive repairs.

Jeff. 6th grade. Finegayan ES. (1978)

Jeff. 7th grade. Dededo JHS. (1979)

Jeff. 9th grade. Dededo JHS. (1981)

Carol. 7th grade. Dededo JHS. (1979)

Carol. 8th grade. Dededo JHS. (1980)

Carol. 9th grade. Dededo JHS. (1981)

Ali. Pre-K. Wettengal ES. (1980)

Ali. K-garten. Finegayan ES. (1981)

Ali back in MD in 1st grade. (1982)

Jeff (in the front row looking thrilled) with his sixth grade class at Finegayan Elementary School. I remember Mrs. Tabayoyong, my homeroom and English teacher, very well. She was a nice teacher and we called her Mrs. Tab. Anthony Palacios, left end of top row, was a classmate of mine and quite a character! I also attended Dededo JHS with him and I believe he later moved to Maryland.

Carol (top row in blue shirt) in the 6th grade at Finegayan Elementary School. Mrs. Horton was her homeroom teacher and she was also our math teacher. Its about this time I started hating math!

Ali (left end of top row) with her pre-k class at Wettengal Elementary School. I am not sure if Mrs. Arroyo is the woman on the left or right. I believe Ali attended Finegayan ES the next year for kindergarden.

Jeff getting his diploma during the 6th grade graduation ceremony at South Finegayan ES. (Jun 1979)

Jeff and Carol at home on 6th grade graduation day. (Jun 1979)