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Navy Relief Society Toad Race & Softball Tournament 1982

During our stay on Guam my dad and mom got involved in running various events to raise money for the Navy Relief Society on NAVCAMS WestPac. In addition to the boxing smokers and command picnics my parents organized a toad race and softball tournament fundraising event to be held in early 1982. The festivities took place on the main softball field at NAVCAMS. The toad race, which also featured a best-dressed toad competition, was held in the morning prior to the tournament. My parents and a few others previously gathered up the toads during the night at NAVFAC beach (Ritidian Point) and were confronted by USMC guards during this endeavor. They rented the toads at the event and all of them were released back into the boonies afterwards. My mom stayed up all night before the event sewing a matching "Fields" shirt and red ballcap for her toad - nicknamed "Wart Field." Check out the "The Fields" page for more on this phenomenon. The toad race and softball tournament were a big success and raised a nice chunk of change for Navy Relief. In addition my mom took home the best-dressed toad award and my dad's softball team, despite stiff competition from the Anderson AFB Bombers, won the tournament championship. It was quite an event!

Getting organized with the Toad Master. My dad in the red shirt and friend Stan in yellow shirt.

My mom gets ready for her heat. My dad, now in his "Fields" jersey, works the stopwatch. Mike Michael in background.

The race is on!

Go, Wart Field, Go!

My mom's toad lost the race, but won the Best Dressed Toad Award. He was dressed as one of the "Fields" sporting his #0 jersey.

Another shot of Best Dressed entries.

Closeup of Wart Field. Poor fellow was a good sport.

The race winner: Bluto the Magnificent!