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Carol and Jeff's Birthday Party - 1972

In late 1972 my mom held a combined birthday party for me (turning five) and my sister Carol (turning six). On my hand for the party was my grandma Irene DeMarc, who had flown to Scotland for a two-week visit with my uncle (and her brother) Frank LoPatka. I believe the party was held on Saturday, October 28. My mom invited my entire class (and Carolís) from William F. Halsey Primary School aboard RAF Edzell. The kids you see in the pictures are primarily military dependents who lived on base. Our main presents were the set of bikes seen in the photos below, which my mom believes she bought in a store in Montrose. We shipped them back home to the states when we left in June 1974. We are not sure what happened to them because we did not pack them when he left for Morocco in October 1974. We may have left them in Pensacola FL or Pennsylvania. My grandma Irene, who helped with the party, appears in photos 2 and 3. My dad and uncle Frank were not on hand and went out for a drink across the street at the Glen Esk Hotel.