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Bracondale House, Edzell, Scotland

This is where we lived on High Street in the quaint town of Edzell. The houses did not have numbers as we are familiar with and was known simply as Bracondale House. When we first moved to Scotland in June 1970 we stayed at the Ramsey Arms in nearby Fettercairn for about two and half weeks. We then moved into the Glen Esk Hotel in Edzell pending a move to base housing aboard RAF Edzell. While at the Glen Esk my mom saw the Bracondale House for rent across the street and demanded my dad check it out. The owners of the house, who lived at another residence in Edzell, spent most of the year in Nigeria on business. Well after a few days we moved in. Unlike most of the American families - who lived on-base with other fellow Americans - we had the unique experience of living off-base among the local Scottish people.

While entering the town of Edzell you pass through the Dalhousie Arch, erected in 1887. The tower of the Inglis Memorial Hall is clearly visible. Bracondale House, with the red trim, is visible within the arch. The window on the side of the house was that of my bedroom.

View of Inglis Memorial Hall looking down High Street. My bedroom window is visible at bottom of photo.

The Bracondale House was a duplex and we lived on right side - in front of the car. That's my mother MaryAnn, myself, and my sister Carol. 1970.

A similar photo with Carol in front. Behind the car are two men, I believe my dad in tan sweater and another man.

A shot of Bracondale House during the annual parade.

My sister Carol playing in the snow in our front yard. Across the street is the Glen Esk Hotel.

My dad standing in our large back yard. We had a large garden and a local gardener who came by and tended to it.

Me and Carol riding our bikes in our backyard. I thought it was cool to ride my bad-ass tricycle through the garden. Apparently our gardener did not share my passion on this issue!