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Eleven days after burial. Mon, 2/9/09.

Temporary marker on dad's grave. 2/9/09.

Happy birthday dad. We miss you! 2/9/09

MaryAnn. Animals ate his flowers! 2/9/09.

Closeup of temporary marker. 2/9/09.

One of two hawk's flying overhead. 2/9/09.

Dad has a large tree nearby. 2/9/09.

New stone with "Baby JJ" pic. Sat, 6/13/09.

Closeup of inscription. 6/13/09.

Back of headstone. 6/13/09.

Jeff Jr. at grave. Tough day. 6/13/09.

Wow! Look at that green grass. 6/13/09.

Not so green anymore. Mon, 8/17/09.

Wow! Look at that brown grass. 8/17/09.

Good view down the hill. 8/17/09.

Rachel, Debbie, Carol, & Oxana. 8/17/09.

Veteran's Day. Steady rain all day. 11/11/09

Fall colors in effect. Hard to tell but its raining pretty good. 11/11/09

We miss you dad. Still hard to believe you are gone. 11/11/09