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Dad's stone leaning quite a bit. After a recent snowstorm the ground around his stone apparently settled and a hole opened up. Dec 29, 2009.

Hard to believe its been just over a year since he died. Dec 29, 2009.

It looks like a beautiful day, but it was a bitter cold and windy Tuesday. About 15 degrees with the wind chill. I struggled to concentrate while taking these pics. Sorry I did not stay long dad. Dec 29, 2009.

View of stone leaning to the back left. Contacted cemetery staff afterwards. Repeatedly called the main caretaker but never reached him. Left a message. Not happy about the service. (Major scandal and shake-up in ANC staff would come in May 2010). Dec 29, 2009.

A good shot of the hole around his stone. Its hard to tell here but that hole is about 12-14 inches deep. Dec 29, 2009.