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The Road To Yuma

In November 2008 I took a work trip to the West Coast to provide law enforcement-related training to five NCIS offices. During the stop in San Diego I took a three-hour (one way) road trip with three fellow employees to our NCIS outpost in distant Yuma, Arizona. Thanks to Gary Hahn for doing the driving and dropping some regional knowledge on us. The terrain along Interstate 8 was like being on another planet. Once you get outside San Diego you climb up into the mountains and encounter piles of massive stones. It's such a odd sight - massive stones everywhere you look. Then you head down into the flat desert and can see for miles and miles. Some of the things you encounter along the way are countless off-road vehicles and parked RVs, an oasis of farmland around El Centro, hundreds of alert Border Patrol agents and their checkpoints, and the controversial wall built along the U.S.-Mexican border. The last photo is our destination: The NCIS office aboard Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma.